I may have experienced my first panic attack last night when I was trying to go to sleep. I was very aware of my heartbeat. Earlier today I experienced an existential crisis, not my first. On a lighter note, I discovered something¬†quite cool. Not (just) the gnome, but doesn’t he just stare into your soul?

My Doctor

I’ve been a bad Whovian; I’ve gotten very far behind in my Doctor Who watching. There’s a reason for it, but I don’t care to get into that now. I decided that, between now and the time of the 50th¬†anniversary, I’m going to watch season series one to series seven. I thought it would take…

Far-fetching Doctor Theories

I’m not that familiar with Matt Smith’s Doctor (I’m terrible, I know. I plan on spending this summer reliving the Doctor’s adventures and catching up with 11), but I was still sad to find out he would be leaving the post. I’m always bummed out at endings. But, I do have a couple of opinions*…


I understand that this post probably clashes with the subsequent Polyvore posts. I thought so, too. But, after a few days, I thought, I’m not just one kind of nerd.   I love a lot of different things, sometimes including fashion. I have a background in sewing (I made an Avengers skirt for the PCA,…

Dr. Vincent Morrow. If he were a woman, that is.

Dr. Vincent Morrow. If he were a woman, that is. by holly-guile featuring short dresses Short dress$305 – A F Vandevorst a f Jil Sander high Alexander Embroidered Buscarlet leather

Penny Dreadful. Anesthesiologist.

Penny Dreadful. Anesthesiologist. by holly-guile featuring merona skirt Zipper hoody$23 – Kin by John Lewis v neck t shirt$23 – Merona River Island spike