No Reason, Just Blind Rage

It would seem that the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins is probably the most misread text ever, perhaps even more so than The Great Gatsby. Not just the books, of course, the movies are also misinterpreted. I mean, look at the changes in Effie Trinket between The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Listen, when I bought a Hunger Games lunchbox and the (unofficial) Hunger Games cookbook, I did because both of those things are horrible and funny and I’m very aware of the irony. But, in the last (let’s say) two weeks, here’s a little of what I’ve seen on TV and Facebook that startled me made me sick. Seriously sick. Punch-a-hole-through-my-TV-in-hopes-of -hitting-the-sh*tstack-who-came-up-with-this-marketing-campaign sick:

Not to mention the possibility of a Hunger Games amusement park. Evidently, literacy is more of a theoretical concept now; people see the text, but lack the practical ability to absorb and learn from it.

2013-11-12 15.15.00

Of course, I’d prefer to think that this is all a meta-scheme. That someone–just one person– wants to fool all of us into participating in all this marketing hype, then destroy the glamour cast upon our collective vision so that we may see how much The Hunger Games is not merely a dystopian fantasy, but a Truth of how things are. Maybe then we can be saved.

Alas, however, I don’t think that’s the case. The world is ending. The apocalypse is upon us and it’s not the interesting kind we were all hoping and preparing for. No. Instead of mechanized manglers, alien overlords, or inexplicably strong walking corpses (or all three at once), our doom will come by the way of  a uniform mob consisting of individuals with too much money, too much time, and too little intellect.

With all that makeup, though,  we should be able to see them coming. Plus those sandwiches should weigh them down. Remember, people, double-tap.


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