Kawaii Kaiju

A lot of people fangirl/boy¬†Pacific Rim, either like I do (by talking about Nietzsche and robots) or in the more conventional ways of chibi-ing (verbed!) the favorite characters and creatures. It’s cute and fun, except when it’s done to the kaiju.

The kaiju are giant, monsters that emerge from the Pacific, via a tear in the fabric of space and time that they use to level our cities and hunt as down. The kaiju are also all linked mentally, like they’re just a bunch of different parts of the same brain. No individual personalities, no endearments. They’re the opposite of the jaegers, the super(wo)men.

No one wants to cuddle the hive-mind.

Not that I’d say ‘no’ to a Leatherback plushy, should someone make it.

…Oh, dammit, I’ll take five.


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