My Doctor

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who will tell you they would take this man’s hand if he asked them to and liars.

I’ve been a bad Whovian; I’ve gotten very far behind in my Doctor Who watching. There’s a reason for it, but I don’t care to get into that now. I decided that, between now and the time of the 50th anniversary, I’m going to watch season series one to series seven. I thought it would take me longer, but I’ve just gotten through Eccleston and am about to start Tennant.

I know a lot of people weren’t too sad to see Eccleston leave the role as the Doctor and that he wasn’t sad, either. But, after watching him save lives, dance, and die, I find myself almost heart-broken knowing that he won’t be a part of the 50th anniversary celebration. I love David Tennant as the Doctor and I have a feeling that I’m going to fall for Matt Smith as well, but I think it’s more important that Christopher Eccleston be on the special. He was the Doctor after a long time; he was the beginning of the modern pop-culture/historical phenomenon of Doctor Who.

As you may have noticed (should you have taken a traipse through my blog), I love pop-culture, as an academic, but more (now) as an avid audience member. One of the reason I love it so much has, I think, a Doctor Who philosophy about it. Popular culture is a history. But, it’s not just a chronicling of what happened, A to B, “This happened, then this, then this…” It’s a telling of the emotions of the time. Pop-culture is about telling, unabashedly, what we’re happy about and– more often– what we’re pissed about. Pop-culture is a grand, wonderful thing that gets us questioning why this story, this character needed to happen. Often, it’s also seen as a dangerous thing to be snuffed out and hidden, that’s why there were and are book bans and book burnings. That second thing, is also why pop-culture is grand and wonderful.

Pop-culture, the living thing that it is, is something so Doctor Who, it makes me wonder why anybody who has the chance to be in it doesn’t jump in without looking. Eccleston left the show for a principle, I dig that. Politics suck, especially when it’s going on behind the scenes of a show that is culture-altering. The same reason why politics shouldn’t exist behind Doctor Who is the same reason why Eccleston should be there for the big mile-marker.

What I’m taking a very long, rambling time to say is that I want the Ninth Doctor to be there. One more time, just for a minute. I’m sad knowing he won’t be. I want him to put away that one principle, that one principle that is superficial to me and the way I think of what Doctor Who means. This will be the closest we get:

It’s simple and lovely. And, It will have to do.


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