Far-fetching Doctor Theories

I’m not that familiar with Matt Smith’s Doctor (I’m terrible, I know. I plan on spending this summer reliving the Doctor’s adventures and catching up with 11), but I was still sad to find out he would be leaving the post. I’m always bummed out at endings. But, I do have a couple of opinions* about who the next doctor should/could be:

  • Keeping with the trend that the Doctor keeps getting “younger” with each regeneration (Matt Smith was the youngest of the actors to play the character) and so we’ll finally get a ginger, I think it might be cool to have Rupert Grint give it a shot. Then, maybe, he could be redeemed for his crap job at Ron.

C’mon, he’d be adorable. Dontcha just wanna moosh his face?

  • Next, this is a sketchy-stretchy theory, but, what if the writers/producers of Sherlock decided to be true to Doyle’s original intention of keeping Holmes dead (he was totally supposed to have died at those waterfalls in that struggle with Moriarty so that Doyle could dedicate his time to his growing medical practice, but Holmes was too popular a character to just kill off, so he was brought back in The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) and Benedict Cumberbatch becomes the Doctor? That would be intense. Maybe too intense.

I guess number two is more than sketchy or stretchy. Because Moffat would have killed both of his shows with one giant rock. But, let’s not think it’s not possible. Maybe he wants to do what Doyle did and focus his energy on a bigger, more worthwhile (to him) project.

We all have our theories that we hold near and dear that act like security blankets. It won’t matter who they get to be the next Doctor–who will, more than likely, be an unknown or less-known actor–because we’ll end up falling in love with them anyway. It’s the state of things. Maybe it will be a woman.

Theory 2 (to a certain point) would also free up Martin Freeman to be the Doctor. He could be a bi-polar one, switching from the nervous/funny Arthur Dent to the scary/funny Dr. Watson. He could be the perfect Doctor.

*These opinions are subject to change whenever I feel like it. I practically did twice while writing this.



8 thoughts on “Far-fetching Doctor Theories

  1. Out of all the potential newcomers Benedict would be my favorite by far… in some ways I already think of him as a Doctor. Go figure they’ll probably go with a lesser known actor who will have to really ear our love and respect.

  2. I like the Idea of Andrew Scott (Moriarty) in the role. I’d watch this guy in ANYTHING. He’s enough of a lesser known but still already proven a talent.

      • Yeah, however Sherlock Survived his apparent jump, Moriarty isn’t coming back from his gun mishap. 🙂

      • Very true. It would make more sense for Scott to appear as the Doctor than Cumberbatch, but what if he chooses to stay dead? He won’t of course, they’re currently working on the third season and, while they’re not being true to Doyle’s original intentions, they are being true to his canon…as much as possible, anyway. Cumberbatch would be a weird Doctor, anyway, and not a good weird.

      • At this point I would only see him as Sherlock and it would be distracting as I feel Cumberbatch is doing his own version of the doctor as sherlock anyway.

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