I understand that this post probably clashes with the subsequent Polyvore posts. I thought so, too. But, after a few days, I thought, I’m not just one kind of nerd.

Get it?

Get it?


I love a lot of different things, sometimes including fashion. I have a background in sewing (I made an Avengers skirt for the PCA, after all) and I do watch Project Runway. I don’t love everything about fashion, in fact, I think I probably would hate most of it. But, I had fun creating outfits for some of my very favorite characters and I’ll be doing more.

This might be a bit of a challenge.

Because I’m a whole bunch of geekinesses, I recreated my blog slightly. Check out my About Me page for a little more of an explanation. Suffice to say, I got bored with affirming things for myself. Especially when, for the most part on this blog, I just ranted and geeked out about stuff that had nothing to do with affirmations. So, I did the easier thing than creating a whole new blog, I just renamed this one and tooled around with some wording. Gads easier. Less superficially, I think I’ll have more fun writing this now.

Speaking of writing fun things, I’m a new contributor to my friend’s blog and I get to write just about DC. My first few posts are going to be dedicated to the superheroines of the New 52. The first of these posts is called Girly Comics, please visit it and comment. I would appreciate the feedback/fight. Also, Loz’s blog is a lot of fun, so enjoy.



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