Not all troll eggs can be cherished.

Fire Bad Teachers

After I finished making some copies in the English Department office, I noticed this on my way out. I like finding little troll eggs, as you may have noticed from my last post. Maybe if I was in a better place emotionally and mentally, I would enjoy this more. Really, it just reminds me of the academic hierarchy put into place a long time ago. Undoubtedly by old men in long black robes, passing evil murmurings around the corpse of a rejected PhD candidate. Now it’s less sexist.

Last Friday, I found out that not only would I not be getting the position of assistant professor at my current university (I was expecting this, actually, but as Hawkeye has said, “You’re gonna miss each and every shot you can’t be bothered to take.” Cheesy, but a good way of thinking about things.), I was actually automatically passed over because I don’t have a PhD. I was talking to my boss and the dialogue went thusly, after I informed her about my application:

Boss: We have a lot of adjuncts, so remind me, do you have a Masters?

Me: Yes.

Boss: Do you have a PhD?

Me: No.

Boss: Okay, here’s the thing…

What gets me is how PhDs have less time to dedicate to teaching, I’m not saying that they’re slouching of course. Not at all. But, they’re very busy doing their own research, writing, submitting, and attempting publication with some regularity. This is because, without constant activity in the academic community, their career can stagnate and possibly spiral (see “Publish or Perish”). I understand that completely. Again, I blame the wicked old men from long ago, and only do I kind of blame the wicked academics now for continuing this practice. But, hey, I have the time, desire, energy, and ingenuity to create curriculums that are interesting.

I’ve only ever met a handful of “Bad Teachers” at the college level, a fair amount of them while I was getting my Masters, so this isn’t an attack on the professors. The troll egg just reminds me of a crappy system.

Let me leave this on a better note. I had a student bring a comic book to show me and to let me borrow it. Mind, I didn’t ask for it specifically. She just thought I would enjoy some Spawn. I might, I’ve never read him.


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