Take a trip, change your life. Maybe. It could just be jetlag.

I recently went to Washington D.C. for the annual Popular Culture/American Culture Association Conference. This was my first time there and I’m looking forward to going again, though, next time, I may apply to the regional conference, as opposed to the national one. I wasn’t terribly excited to go to D.C.; it’s not on my list of cities I want to visit. But, I did enjoy myself, especially when we (my friends and I) got away from all of the touristy stuff and went around to where the locals spent their time. I do regret not taking more time to visit the Newseum, however. I was happy to learn that, as I prepared to give my presentation on “The Rhetoric of Superheroes,” that I am still very much in love with my topic, that it wasn’t just a personal fad (that I have a penchant for diving into). But, I’m not sure I want to continue on the track of being strictly an academic. I don’t think I want to depend on getting into a PhD program so that I can stop adjuncting. Teaching is a great thing and I love it, but I’m starting to believe that if all I am is an adjunct instructor to beginning writing students, I’ll end up hating it and everything I’ve done. I don’t want to even get close to that.

I applied to my current university for the position of associate professor (which I don’t have the highest of hopes of getting), but I’m considering other venues. Such as working closer to the publishing/editing side of comic books. Being a reader, analytical and casual, is a lot of fun. But, somehow, I want to take that further.

Until then, here are some pictures from a used bookstore in D.C.:

IMG-20130330-00081 IMG-20130330-00082 Washington-20130330-00084 Washington-20130330-00085 Washington-20130330-00086 Washington-20130330-00087


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