How are you guys? Good? Me, too. Kind of.

There’s been quite a bit going on since last I posted:

  • Graduated in May
  • Got a (crappy) job at the Marriott International as a barista.
    • This isn’t so much a comment on what a Masters in English will get you post graduation, as it is a comment on what else you need to be working on while you’re getting that degree. I was writing papers, teaching, grading, appeasing professors, and not sleeping. Getting a summer job didn’t occur to me until the end of May.
  • Got two jobs as an adjunct professor for Intermediate College Writing.
  • Retook the GRE.
  • Re-writing sample paper for doctoral programs in Rhet/Comp.

Really, Fall’s been like a repeat of Spring Semester what with the dual focus on my personal educational goals and my professional goals. Eventually, the two should come together, but right now, it’s just all sorts of stressful. 

I’m still working towards my goal of using superheroes as a tool in the college writing classroom and I’m really excited about it, I just hope the doctoral programs I apply to will be, also. I’ve recently sent a proposal in to the PCA to present at the conference. Should any other geeky scholars be reading this, I highly recommend that you submit as well. It’s like an academic Comic Con.

I know that this post isn’t greatly interesting in that it isn’t filled with any particular rants. This isn’t to suggest that I don’t have anyone/thing to rail about, but I have to make considerations. If my current situation make particular shifts, I can almost certainly promise a healthy/vehement tear loaded with fallacies and fueled exclusively by Pathos.

For now, I am happy with my working situation and with my future with the superheroes.


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