Recent Developments

At the beginning of this year I was pretty hell-bent on being active in blogging, but then school happened: teaching, taking classes, writing papers, ranting about all of it. I’d still like to keep going, especially with it being Summer and I really have nothing going on that makes me hate the clicking sound when I type.

At the beginning of this year, too, I thought I knew what I wanted and where I was going. I was feeling pretty confused and hampered, but I knew that I was getting to a specific goal in creative-nonfiction writing. I did write that piece weaving Jack the Ripper with memoir and FX makeup application, but I realized that it’s something that I don’t want to continue professionally, though I want to keep polishing it and (hopefully) send it off to be seen by journals, possibly published. It was something that I originally intended to be a thesis, but I experienced the worst writer’s block in my life. It’s such a strange feeling. I would like that, it was a fun piece when I realized just what the hell I wanted to do with it (I ended up focusing on Mary Kelly in my Ripper strand, which was so much better than dealing with Jacky alone).

At the same time as writing “Killing Time” (the aforementioned work), I was working also on a paper for Victorian Literature about physiognomy, Victorian society, and Sherlock Holmes, and on paper proposing the use of superheroes in composition/rhetoric classes (really, it’s a 19 page teacher’s philosophy with pictures). I had a great time working on it, thinking about it, and yammering about it. I want to make it my writing sample for PhD programs, in fact, and continue the work for a doctoral dissertation. When I think about this I also think of something a friend said when he made a massive life-decision, “I have found my heart.” I know that sounds really cheesy, especially when discussing comic books (specifically Marvel’s Civil War) and their use in pedagogy, but that’s what it feels like. I don’t feel so lost or hurt anymore. I know what I want, I hope I’m allowed to pursue it in academia. I hope it won’t be a wad about the whole thing.

Also, I graduated with a Master of Arts in Literature and Writing. Here’s a picture.

That’s Deadpool. Wade Wilson. The Merc with a Mouth riding my graduation cap. Ain’t he sweet? Also, I’m wearing OPI’s line of nail polish as advertised by Spider-Man. I couldn’t help myself.


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