Cooking With the Count

This last weekend I had my Comprehensive Exam through my school so that I can attain my master’s degree. I don’t know if other grad programs do this, but here’s how it goes at my school. There are three plans: Plan A (writing a 60+ page thesis), Plan B (writing a 30+ page thesis), and Plan C (33 credit hours and a comp exam). Originally, my intent was to do Plan B, but, because of road blocks in the shape of a particular professor, I decided I wanted to graduate within the 2 years of my acceptance to the program with my ego intact. The comp exam is pretty basic; you are given a question or prompt that is very specific from your thesis committee and you have 72 hours to write a 10+ page paper from the time you look at it. Because of these modern times, I received mine as an attachment to an email from my Chairperson.

I told you that to tell you this, while I won’t go into what my question/prompt was, I will tell you that Dracula (by Bram Stoker) was a topic for some discussion. I have multiple editions of Dracula, but the one I chose to cite is the terrific New Annotated Dracula with the introduction by Neil Gaiman. Within it are some lovely notes including a recipe for the Paprika Chicken Hendl, which I decided to make tonight. I didn’t use that particular recipe because I took my book back to the office and I didn’t feel like going through the rigmarole of parking, getting a ticket, and having to put of making it. So, I found a recipe online. Actually, it’s this recipe. I dig this blog because it also has other recipes from other books. Well, two other recipes and one other book (other than the Paprika Chicken, there’s also a steak recipe from Dracula that I may use later). It’s really cool, I think there should be a cookbook that outlines food and recipes from pieces of literature. I’m sure there are some already.

Anyway, because I had to go to the office for my office hours and then to a class, I took this recipe and modified it for my slow cooker (halving the liquid ingredients). I also improvised other things: O’douls for the chicken stock (I didn’t have time, nor did I want to go shopping) and plain yogurt for the sour cream (already had it). Below are the pics of my endeavor.

It went really well, including the dumplings which I made without a recipe; just flour, baking powder, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and more O’douls.


6 thoughts on “Cooking With the Count

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  2. I like the idea of making a cookbook based on recipes found in pieces of literature. I wonder if there is a book like it already published in this fashion. I love you. Hope for the best.

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