Boom. Head shot.

I began my hands-on research for my braided essay today by sitting in for an FX Makeup course on campus. I took notes, observed, and got beaten up by two students and their teacher. Wanna see?

I could have done without the bullet to the brain. But, the professor insisted. The bruise is cool. Check out the scar.

This is for the strand where I’ll be doing research and site visits to learn more about FX makeup, how it’s used, and how to apply it. I’m sure I’ll be great at getting the stuff out of my hair. One of the other strands will be a memoir, rather I’ll be taking fragments from my childhood leading to my adulthood and examine the evolution of my fears and my femininity. I’ve adopted the term that my professor casually gave me once during a conference: “Mormon Goth.” The final strand is my research of Jack the Ripper. As I am no Ripperologist, my work is anchored in the four “most valid” letters and looking at Jacky as a near-fictional character.

I can see you.



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