I’m up really late. A lot later than I should be. I have to teach tomorrow or, I guess, later today. Also, I’m really bad at creating my own recipes.

Yesterday I tried making wheat potato bread in my bread machine with real mashed taters. All the recipes call for the instant potato flakes, which are good, but I have lovely red potatoes. It was all goopy and fell right before it was done baking. The day before last I tried making cherry cordial cupcakes, which I stand by and will try again, but in my cute teacups, not those icky paper things. And, a different chocolate cake recipe. FoodNetwork, you’ve failed me for the last time. Except for Geoffrey Zakarian (good crap, you can follow him on twitter. That’s weird.) I could never be mad at you. Anyway, I could have worked with that batch, but I made the terrible decision to make jalapeno glaze to spread on top before I frosted them the next day. I ended up making jalapeno caramel, destroying all my cupcakes (except for two I baked in ceramic teacups and didn’t spread burnt sugar that wasn’t spicy at all on), and blistering my index finger, traffic finger, and thumb. Three digits, turns out, I use all the time. Nothing burns quite like molten sugar. Up side, though, I’m using the story (it’s quite dramatic) for my statement of purpose to SDSU.

Now I’m waiting for another loaf of bread to bake, I followed the recipe this time, while I finish up watching my Friends DVD set. I’m sleepy and have done nothing very productive. Stupid adulthood.


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