Cold Fresh

Here are four new poems I wrote to submit to SDSU. I have 11 others that are also going, but these are the freshest. Let me know what you think.

“Broken Fantasy”

Blue hair

burns electric

against pale

skin and

paler walls

streak into

gray and

ugliness sits

as two

weeks go

by and

the metallic

tube needs

to be

squeezed smaller

onto sensitive

keratin weakens

and breaks

under hands

and eyes

until it

is bleached

out and

covered over

in reddish

black streaks

dripping down

my back.


“In a Dream I Had Once”

The scariest thing in the dark

is me.

You hear that and

believe that the dark can’t

be so black.

The worst monsters stand

tall in the brightest sunlight.

I see them better than you.

I won’t leave you with them.

Give me your hand.

Let’s walk to the edge

and pass over the liminal gap.

Jump into the ether,

circles of green jump to

catch us.

Hold us in the wet black.

Your lungs feel like swelling

balloons with your own Carbon Monoxide.

Take a breath, the only one you can have

until we break the surface.

It’s not so cold.


“When I Remember”

I woke up cold.

It felt like days since I’d been awake.

I wasn’t sure where I was or where I had been,

but there were people standing around me

not knowing I was there.

Some looked like they had been crying,

others were just somber.

Every thing was dark.

They were gone like they never appeared,

and I was alone.

My minutes are blurry,

like time never was.

I never run across my reflection anymore.

The last time I did, I can’t really remember,

It was like I was floating above.

My eyes, I remember, were like ugly marble.

Now I remembered.

Now I’m gone.


“Unknown Deity”

Sweet sadness exists here,

with that lonely figure.

He stands beyond fingertips

and off the tips of tongues.

His silhouette outlines

blinding white behind him.

And it burns

except in his shade.

It would not exist if

he weren’t standing in it.


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