The Undead and Tissues

The cover of World War Z

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Is it weird that I almost started crying while reading a book about zombies? I shed a tear, doesn’t count as full-blown crying. I’m reading World War Z by Max Brooks (which a dear Mike loaned to me) and while I was waiting around a truck stop–no, really–I was reading the section about a 20-something woman who is mentally and emotionally a four-year-old, and she was describing the time during the “Great Panic” when she and her mother were hole up in a church, hoping they would be safe from the undead onslaught. When her mother said to her, “I won’t let them get you” I genuinely choked up.

This is a good book, I’m really enjoying it. What’s dampening my enjoyment of it, though, is all the other reading I need to do for my classes that start next week.

Stupid adulthood. Responsibility sucks.


2 thoughts on “The Undead and Tissues

  1. very weird as her mums solution to not letting her get caught was to kill her. And didn’t the weird crazy woman save her?

    one of my favourite stories from that book was the one about the female pilot stranded in undead terrain. Awesome book.

  2. Still sad, though. Yeah, I’m loving this book. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been this into a book.

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