Mormon Witch


My beginnings as a Mormon-Witch:

I had a little end-of-the-semester ritual this year. It’s something that I’ve always thought of doing, but never did, until I had good enough reason and materials to do so. The papers are Reflection Essays my students wrote and handed in as their final assignment. It was a prompted essay and their prompt was “Write as if these are the last words anyone will ever read from you.” Most essays were contrived, snotty, or clich├ęd, but a few were genuine and even confessional. For those, I decided that I should burn them instead of throw them away or shred them. So, I brought them home during Christmas holiday and performed a little Mormon/Wiccan thing.

With the essays I placed some Hershey’s Kisses, spread some salt, and laid a dead cat spider. The spider lived in one of the arches that lead into the courtyard of my apartment building the entire semester until I found her dead on the sidewalk. Even though she made me cringe every time I passed underneath her web, I did develop a sort of kinship with her. So, on my last day in Logan before the break, right before I drove down to Provo, I gathered her into a preserves jar I washed out.

Anyway, I had my little pile in the fire pit in my parents’ backyard and I tried several times to light it and send my tribute to the universe. But, Samhain was being kind of an a-hole, so I went and got some lighter fluid.


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