Liminal Space (Between the Sheets)

I asked my mother when it was that I became interested in the macabre. We were watching The Addams Family (just a few minutes ago). It’s a favorite movie of mine; it’s one that makes me think of Christmas.

She said that I was pretty young, her first response was when I was in the seventh grade. I know that this was an interesting year for me, perhaps a formative one, but I think I must have been younger. She then reminded me of how I used to read the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stein. Those were excellent. When/if I ever have children I’ll have those for them to read. Those and the “Scary Story” series (by Alvin Schwartz), and something to read to them when they’re small. Poe or Lovecraft.

Anyway, the macabre, the gothic are things that I love. The clothing and the makeup are so chintzy, though. Even if I could afford it. Except for maybe Steampunk. I love the feeling of it, though. I think the romances of Gomez and Morticia, of Jack Skellington and Sally, Hellboy and Liz (in the movies, of course) are just lovely. Vampires are my favorite monster, but I think I like their relationship with their hunters and slayers than I care for the monster by itself. There’s something about the mingling of the light and dark that draws me more than any other thing. Even Bruce Willis.

I wonder how long I can use suggestive titles.


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